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E(H)C Institute

E(H)C Institute is comprised of programs designed to focus on the individual, the whole individual. Members are eligible for three development paths: professional development, technical development, and personal development. The programs are free of charge to our members, and participants are selected via an application and interview process.


All E(H)C Institute programs take the approach of ‘double-clicking on’ and ‘drilling into’ specific outcomes for each participant. We believe structuring the program design around the individual’s desired outcomes versus structuring the individual outcomes around the program design yields a more meaningful, impactful, and lasting effect.

Members are eligible for participation in both programs, but are encouraged to carefully assess time commitments to ensure you will be able to meet participation requirements. Upon acceptance into the program(s), you will receive a notification outlining program details and requesting acknowledgment of your acceptance.



(Professional Development)

Based on the theme "confidence has no competition", Differentiate U focuses on personal and professional development areas such as personal brand and career strategy, and align to critical elements such as self-awareness and differentiation in the job market.


This program is a 4-month journey, divided into four 4-week long segments. Participants will combine individual research, planning, and online discussions with other members of the cohort to build a personalized DU Career Success Loop Framework.


While this program will be open to the entire community, five applicants will be selected for Differentiate U+ (DU+) and receive access to additional resources including one-on-one mentorship and group sessions facilitated by our founder.

Commitment: 2-5 hours per week



(Technical Development)

Elevate U focuses on developing the technical skills necessary for competing in today's cybersecurity job market. Participants will be granted access to a workforce development platform for six months. The program includes a clearly defined career path and program structure tailored to the participant’s desired career outcomes.


Qualified participants will also have the opportunity to have the cost of a certification exam sponsored by Empow(H)er Cybersecurity. 


Commitment: 5-10 hours per week

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